1I have Questions
If you have any question please let us know and send an Email to info@deurbeslagtekoop.nl If you have doubts if the Kierr wil fitt on your door, send us some photo's. We can always give you tips how to place the product.
2What is the delivery time?
The shipment is between 1 until 2 working days after receipt of payment.
3What kind of material are the products made of?
The products are from stainless steel.
4Do I have a guarantee ?
Yes, you have a one year warranty. Your invoice is also your guarantee certificate. Please contact us via our contact form on the website.
5Order for your business
If you want to order for your business and you do not have the possibility to pay with a credit card, it is possible to receive an invoice. After receiving the payment, the order will be sent to you. You can let us know via the contact form that you are interested. In the mail please let us know which type of Kierr you want to receive and the number. Also the company name and address where the order must be sent to.
Return conditions Not satisfied with the product? You have the option to return the product within 14 days of receipt. To do this, follow the steps below. Sign Up • Send an email to info@deurbeslagtekoop.nl You will then receive a return form. If a return is not registered, this return will not be accepted. Packing • Pack the products in their original condition and packaging in a box • Place the completed return form in the box • Stick the supplied return label on the box so that it is visible shipment • Deliver the package to the post office / DHL point (or other sender) • Keep the proof of shipment in a safe place Refund When do we pay back? We will transfer the costs incurred by you (purchase costs and original shipping costs) to you within 14 days after cancellation. What do you get back? You will be refunded the full purchase price, including the originally paid shipping and payment costs. Where will I receive the refunded amount? We will refund the amount in the same way as you paid. Is this not working? Then we will contact you. Costs for returning The costs for the return shipment are for your own account. Are you returning a product because it was damaged or delivered incorrectly? Then we reimburse these costs afterwards.